UK Foods and English Smallfoods
UK Foods and English Smallfoods
UK Foods and English Smallfoods
Small Pork Pie

Our Handmade Traditional English Pork Pie is our Signature Product and will truly melt in your mouth. Filled with Succulent Pork which is blended with our Secret Spices and a layer of delicious Jelly then finished in a Mouth Watering Crumbly Pastry. 
Traditionally enjoyed cold as a snack or serve Plated as a meal with a Side Salad and Relish.

Large Pork Pie

Larger Pork Pie for those who like to enjoy good food with good company..

Large Pork Pie with Egg

A Hard Boiled Free Range Egg Encased in a Large Pork Pie.

Ascot Pie

Loaf style Pork Pie layered with or without Free Range Hard Boiled Eggs. Slice and share with the Family or while Entertaining Guests. Traditionally placed on the table with a Christmas Day Smorgasbord.

Scotch Egg

Wholesome Country Grown Free Range Egg, rolled in a delicious Pork Meat blended with selected Herbs and Spices and finished with a Golden Crumb.
Serve Cold with Chutney and a side Salad or Enjoy the Real Traditional way, Fried with Chips and Mushy Peas!

Sheperd's Pie

Lean Minced Steak blended with a Rich Beef Gravy Seasoned with Cracked Pepper and finished with a layer of Thick Creamy Mashed Potato.
Heat and eat as a nutritional meal with Seasonal Vegetables.

Potato Bread (Taffy Scones)

Thick Fluffy Mashed Potato Pancakes, lightly Grilled. Traditionally enjoyed at Breakfast heated in Frypan with Bacon and Eggs. Or for something different, enjoy Aussie Style warmed with Tomato Sauce!

Traditional English Eccles Cake

A Real Traditional English Favourite.
Our Eccles Cakes are Handmade with Juicy Currants & Selected Spices, then Wrapped in a Traditional Flaky Pastry & Baked to Perfection. These are Guaranteed to Exceed your Expectations!
Relax & spoil yourself with one of these Delicious Cakes & an Afternoon Cup of Yorkshire Tea. Or, for Absolute Indulgence, Place in a Warm oven for a few Minutes & dollop on some Cream or Ice Cream! Makes the Perfect Dessert..

bakewell tart

Named after its Famous Place of Origin, The Bakewell Tart is a Deliciously Traditional Sweet Pastry, Filled with Jam and a Frangipane Sponge, then finished with Flaked Almonds & Baked to Perfection.

Potato Pie

Topped with Our Thick Creamy Potato, with Slow Cooked Premium Beef & Rich Gravy, in a Melt in your Mouth Pastry Base.
 This is a Big Pie! Makes a Deliciously Filling Meal for the Family.

Steak & Kidney Pie
British Beef Pot Pie
Traditional English Black Pudding

Handmade Traditional Recipe.

Traditional English White Pudding

Handmade Traditional Recipe.

Scottish Black Pudding

Traditional Scottish Recipe.


Traditional Recipe.

English Boiled Ham